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The Power of your Speech at UWA Business School

Business School students and Master of Business Administration alumni got more than they bargained for at The Power of Your Speech presentation by AccentWest corporate speech pathology's Kym Godfrey.

Whilst some of the audience thought that her presentation would cover getting over um's and er's, Kym's talk described important skills for working in the global business environment.

What interested many was the focus on the intercultural communication. She outlined different styles used within different cultures and across genders. Middle Eastern speakers for example use a more elaborate style where detail and description is important. Japanese speakers use a succinct style with less language and conveyed more non-verbally. The audience learned that mirroring listeners' conversational styles can help build rapport. Careful listening and observation of reactions then refining what you say makes your communication more powerful.

West Australian Inventor of the Year 2006

'Powerful Pitching' training was essential for the 30 semi finalists in the Inaugural WA Inventor of the Year, 2006 helping them compete for over $100,000 in prizes and money. This training gave contestants techniques to pitch their invention to a panel of five industry experts within fifteen minutes.

As part of their training, semifinalists were also given mentoring and a critique and video of their full dress rehearsal. Kym Godfrey from AccentWest provided the 'Powerful Pitching' training and mentored 10 semi finalists.

One of Kym's mentees, Roland Butcher ultimately took out the first prize as WA Inventor of the Year.

Roland, Director of Live Technologies won for his invention Live Lens. Live Lens is an LCD device which maximizes visual clarity in video and CCTV cameras where over or underexposure is a problem. Roland is already in discussion with global lens producers showing the global marketing potential of Live Lens. His invention demonstrated the high levels of ingenuity and inventiveness of Western Australian entrepreneurs.

MBA's take the fear out of Public Speaking

Public speaking is reputedly one of the top ten fears for many people. Top tier Master of Business Administration students and alumni are not immune to this fear either.

Proving this was the case, Kym Godfrey from corporate speech pathology's AccentWest presented to 50 MBA students and alumni at the Graduate School of Management, UWA.

Kym presented her top five fear busting techniques. These included:

  1. Accepting feelings of fear and nervousness. Kym explained that acceptance of an emotion can help reduce it, rather than feeling badly, which can serve to magnify the problem.
  2. Managing nervousness. Kym demonstrated a special breathing technique which returns nervous peoples' shallow breathing patterns to a normal rate.
  3. Her third technique was called reality checking. This involves reducing perfectionistic tendencies.
  4. This technique involved developing positive feelings for your public speaking audience and the great experience each event provides.
  5. This technique is the key to fear busting, possibly more than any. Proper preparation and practice prevents poor performance and panic.

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