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Suite 11, 6-10 Douro Pl
West Perth
Western Australia, 6005
T: 0894816196
M: 0402883543

AccentWest Individual Coaching, Training, Tuition.

Initial Assessment

We provide services in West Perth (view location) with your times to be confirmed by us. We can also provide a service at your work place or home if required, but a quiet, private environment is essential. (Extra charges apply for travel to your venue).

1 hour. Assessment covers gathering information about the client, their communication needs and history. Assessment activities will be undertaken to suit the area under investigation. All the initial assessment is recorded, but only used by AccentWest.

AccentWest TrainingAccentWest Training:

Based on the client's assessment results the training schedule would be negotiated to suit the client's needs and budget. A typical initial course for accent reduction might be 13 x 1 hour sessions or for e.g. 10 x 1 hour 20 minutes. Training in some areas may be less intensive. Half to full day sessions can also be catered for.

  1. Frequency:
    1 x week would be typical. More frequent appointments may be negotiated as above.
  2. Resources Provided:
    • Expert instruction and ongoing individual feedback.
    • Worksheets with educational content.
    • Audio recordings in CD Audio or Data format, MP3 for accent reduction, articulation, grammar clients only.
    • Sessions may be filmed for some services and DVD's provided.
  3. Client requirements
    • Undertake any preparation.
    • Understand that rate of progress is based on the amount of practice done, especially outside of training sessions.

How long will the training take?

It is very difficult to anticipate how long training will take. Firstly, it depends on the area or areas of communication being targeted. Generally progress is dependent on a number of factors:

  • The level that you start at
  • The level you want to get to
  • How well you hear different sounds/understand new concepts
  • How well you can copy
  • Most importantly, how much you practise outside of your training sessions
  • How well you can remember new sounds, concepts or structures
  • Your ability to slow down your speech so you can think about not only what you want to say, but how you say it.
  • How strong your awareness is in everyday conversations

Remember, changing any behaviour or habit takes time. Communication is a highly automatic response that we are retraining. Think about exercising you have done to become fit- this involves gross body movements. What we are doing is an exercise program involving your brain, your voice box and your muscles of articulation at least. We are changing from your automatic communication style to deliberate planned responses. It DOES take time and practice to make this new communication pattern an automatic response.

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