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Suite 11, 6-10 Douro Pl
West Perth
Western Australia, 6005
T: 0894816196
M: 0402883543

Public Speaking Training, Perth

Fear of Public Speaking, Presentation Skills.

See also: New Public Training Course- Powerful Public Speaking.

In presentation skills and public speaking we explore the fear of public speaking and how to overcome it. For many it can be an important part of developing confidence. We also work on building confidence through thorough preparation and rehearsal, as well as breaking down the skill set required for giving effective speeches and presentations. Training focuses on optimising the visual and non verbal aspects as well as vocal and verbal aspects of communication. We also provide training in optimising non verbal behaviours or body language to give maximum impact to your message.

Learn to:

  • manage your nervousness better
  • look more confident
  • sound more interesting, learn to use your voice more
  • deliver your message more effectively
  • develop the art & tactics of persuasion
  • use pausing effectively

You will learn these and many more techniques that will ensure your public speaking and presentations are more engaging and interesting than ever!

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