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Suite 11, 6-10 Douro Pl
West Perth
Western Australia, 6005
T: 0894816196
M: 0402883543

Accent Reduction Training, Accent Coaching, Foreign Accent Modification

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Our research indicates that more strongly accented people are missing out on jobs and at times working at a level lower than their qualifications would suggest.

Some native English speakers report that they will not give the extra time that it takes to understand people with accents.

As a result people with accents may be missing out on business opportunities and conversations because they can not be understood.

One client reported that she was told she would not be considered for a position as Business Analyst in a large organisation because of her Indonesian accent.

Benefits of Accent Reduction Training

  • Feeling more confident communicating in all settings
  • Less time spent repeating yourself
  • Less time clarifying your message
  • Less frustration for you and your listeners
  • A benefit you have every time you speak, for the rest of your life!

Unique Training

After training in state of the art Compton P-ESL (Pronouncing English as a Second Language) Accent Reduction training in the US in 2005, AccentWest Director Kym Godfrey developed a unique General Australian Accent training program for AccentWest.

The state of the art US training and this program supported by speech pathology expertise in linguistics and phonology gives clients a level of direction for improving their pronunciation which is unparalleled.

It is suitable for clients with English as their second language (ESL or English as an Additional Language - EAL) or others who have English as their first language but have a strong regional accent, for example, a Scottish accent, that they wish to modify.

For clients with English as their first or second language our Accent Reduction training focuses on improving pronunciation and clarity. The training assists clients in reducing their accent by working towards a General Australian English Accent.

To understand what a General Australian Accent is, we can look to International stars such as Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, Naomi Watts and Jeffery Rush. Their accents are General Australian and have become internationalized due to living and working globally. Their accents tend to a more English sound.

At AccentWest our aim is to progress our clients' pronunciation, so they are easily and clearly understood in local to global business and social environments. This means that accents are not completely eliminated, but modified to achieve far greater clarity.

AccentWest training fast tracks English pronunciation and clarity to a level which would otherwise take many years to develop or may never be reached at all!

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