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Suite 11, 6-10 Douro Pl
West Perth
Western Australia, 6005
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Speech Training

Articulation Training, Pronunciation Improvement & Developing Clarity

This training is given to clients who have English as their first language and want to further improve their pronunciation, clarity and precision. Others may wish to develop a more refined, polished sound to their speech, sound less "Aussie", less nasal or want to eliminate old habits such as lisps, a /w/ used instead or /r/ or an /f/ used instead of /th/.

Pronunciation improvement helps with being understood easily in all situations. Improving pronunciation helps build confidence that messages are being communicated easily and effectively. Listeners tune into what is being said more readily, because they do not have to work so hard to work to understand what has been said.

Grammar training, English Language Instruction, Sentence Construction, Syntax Coaching

For some clients with English as a second language, grammar might be hindering verbal and written expression. They may have undertaken previous English language instruction, but need further training to correct grammatical errors. A separate individual assessment, analysis and profiling is required prior to training.

This skill is particularly important for those clients who are in senior or management roles, are seeking a promotion or where there are changing job expectations.

Public Speaking Training, Fear of Public Speaking, Presentation Skills.

In presentation skills and public speaking we explore the fear of public speaking and how to overcome it. For many it can be an important part of developing confidence. We also work on building confidence through thorough preparation and rehearsal, as well as breaking down the skill set required for giving effective speeches and presentations. Training focuses on optimising the visual and non verbal aspects as well as vocal and verbal aspects of communication. We also provide training in optimising non verbal behaviours or body language to give maximum impact to your message.

See also: New Public Training Course- Powerful Public Speaking.

Voice Training, Vocal Coaching, Voice Therapy, Voice Projection, Voice Care

In voice training we undertake assessment and then training in areas such as:

  • optimising voice
  • correct breathing
  • voice projection
  • optimum pitch
  • using pausing and pitch change for impact
  • using volume and voice for impact and
  • voice care or vocal hygiene principles.

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