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Suite 11, 6-10 Douro Pl
West Perth
Western Australia, 6005
T: 0894816196
M: 0402883543


  • communicating more confidently and more clearly, than ever before.
  • no longer being fearful of public speaking.
  • articulating clearly and being easily understood.
  • becoming the clear articulate speaker you want to be.

Your communication skills are your greatest asset.

Clear speech and communication build your confidence and improve relationships. Better relationships improve business and social networks.

Training in communication skills is positively correlated with increased career opportunities and promotions.

For businesses; communication skills training improves internal and external relationships which increases efficiency and effectiveness.

AccentWest conducts communication skills training from Perth Western Australia. We provide personal coaching for business and professional people. AccentWest staff has expertise in public speaking, speech pathology and accent reduction.

Our coaching and training is focused on the following areas:

  • accent reduction or accent modification- reducing the impact of a foreign accent on English (where English is a second or additional language- ESL or EAL). This can also be undertaken for people with strong regional accents, where English is their first language.
  • articulation training to improve pronunciation and clarity (where English is the first language).
  • voice training and coaching. Voice training can aim at improving voice projection, vocal power, impact and resonance.
  • grammar training (where English is a second or additional language- ESL or EAL) i.e. improving sentence construction and syntax.
  • public speaking skills, including reducing fear of public speaking
  • presentation skills, job interview coaching, conversational skills

Confident communication skills give both individuals and businesses a clear competitive advantage.

Communication skills are vitally important for us as individuals as well as the organizations we work for or represent. They are the skills that help develop relationships and those required to progress careers.

Honing our communication skills is life long learning. At times in our lives we realize that we want to undertake personal training and education to become a more effective communicator. This can be done in many ways such as improving conversational skills, pronunciation or grammar, increasing vocabulary, or developing our speaking for professional purposes. Our reasons can be diverse such as improving for professional purposes, because we are moving in different social circles, traveling or that we anticipate working in a more global environment. In essence we undertake this learning to feel more confident, to connect more with people in a clearer way or to improve career prospects

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